Civil Judgment 
Enforcement Specialists  
BRINKS is a company which enforces judicial judgments.  Methods include, but are not limited to, locating place of employment, garnishing wages, locating bank accounts and seizing funds.

Statistics show that 80% of all court ordered judgments are never collected.  Once your judgment is awarded by the court, enforcement becomesyourresponsibility.If you have a valid court awarded judgment of $5,000 or more, we will conduct a comprehensive andthorough investigation to uncover assets, bank accounts and any sources of income.Even if the debtor has moved out-of-state, we have the resources to locatethe debtor using 'skip-trace' methods, garnish wages, attach bank accountsand seize assets to enforce the judgment that was legally awarded you by the court.
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BRINKS Judgment Recovery can help.  Contact us today for an appointment to discuss your uncollected judgment.